Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From the depths of winter...

It's cold at 4:45am.  It's really cold at 4:45am in the winter.

It's going to be exciting in July.  It will be easy to train.  It will be easy to work hard and get after it.
June will be fun too.  More time to train.  The days getting longer.  Yep, that will be easy.
It's going to be awesome when the weather breaks in April.  It will be easy to hop on the bike and put endless miles on in the new warm sunshine.
Perhaps March won't be so bad either...with all the excitement just around the corner.
But in January?  Ha.
It'll be too late to make a difference in July.  June will be too late as well.  March and April?  Not enough time...the time is now.

Make it happen.  "On this day...we fight."


  1. I love it. The hard work you put in during the Winter will make the Summer all the sweeter!

  2. Thanks, Doug! Looking forward to the summer...thanks for the follow!