Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My last week...until my first week.

Knocked out a swift 6 miles this evening on the trails...mixing in a 6:50 mile 2 and a 6:36 mile 4.  I wanted to throw the body back into "race pace" as I have a 5 mile trail race on Saturday.  The run felt good.  The toe felt good.  I felt good. Game on LP.
I finished the Outseason Plan last Sunday.  The 14 week plan was my pre-training training.  And it was brutal.  I decided to pretty much rest this week.  No morning workouts.  One key training run (today), one good bike (Thursday) and two good swims (Monday and Friday).  Hoping for a solid race on Saturday.  Complete rest day on Sunday...and then Monday is the beginning of Week 1 IM training.

Happy trails, my friends.  "fortitudine vincimus"

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