Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Pendulum Swings

6 months ago I was in Lake Placid.  6 months from now I'll be in Lake Placid.

I've been at this a while.  10 years in triathlon.  My first was in the summer of 2003.  I would have been the last one out of the water if I hadn't convinced my friend to race with me.  We bolted out of T1 on mountain bikes...but we had no idea was "T1" really was.

And so began my triathlon life.  I was a runner.  I couldn't swim well.  And my skinny little legs could turn the pedals...but there wasn't much power.  Through the years, I got better little by little.  Tackled a few HIM (half ironmans)...and then took a break after a sub 3-hr marathon in May and a sub 5-hr 70.3 in August of 2007.  Thought I was done.  But late in 2011, the "Ironman" bug started to gnaw at me.  The one things I had never really accomplished in my endurance life.  I knew I was in trouble then.  For whatever reason, I always knew Lake Placid would be the "one" if I ever saddled up to do an IM.  And so it was.

The past 12 months have put me in position for tomorrow.  I was lucky enough to realize that I needed to "train to train".  Just as "one does not simply walk into Mordor", one does not simply hop into IM training on Day #1 of Week #1 of their plan.  And that's what tomorrow is.  Day #1.  6 months to go.

Some of the questions I will be trying to answer for myself over the next 6 months.
Happy training, my friends.

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