Monday, February 18, 2013

Ironman Ate My Marriage

Just wrapped up my first 3 week training block.  Feeling very good, diet good, recovery good.  All systems go!  My first rest day of the program is today, and I am loving it.  This is a recovery/testing week, with testing on the bike, in the pool, and a 5k run test on Friday.  Time to set some benchmarks.

I stumbled across this article today: Workout Ate My Marriage  (thanks Seeds And Iron)

Man and woman get married.  Have kids.  Man turns into endurance athlete.  "Among endurance athletes, though, resentment on the part of spouses is a common topic. The phenomenon may develop into what Pete Simon, an Arizona psychologist, triathlon coach and blogger, calls "Divorce by Triathlon." "I often wonder how many lonely wives, husbands, children of triathletes are out there wondering when the insanity is going to end," he wrote."

Rather than worrying about when the insanity will goal is to not let it start.
So, how to keep the insanity at bay:
  • My wife and I were both on the same page PRIOR to signing up for this
  • This race is the exception...while some run 5 marathons a year...or an IM every year...this would be my ONE shot...for a while.  "Make it a good one" she said.  :)
  • Get it in.  Get after it.  Get done.  That's my philosophy.  Intensity > Hours slogging away in Zone1.  When I found Endurance Nation, I heard the angels singing.  Work Works.
  • "Sleeping in" is dead to me.  My wife doesn't like it...but getting up and getting a workout done prior to anyone else getting up is huge.  More training while they are sleeping means less training while they aren't sleeping.  It's not rocket science.
  • Don't be a freak about stuff to your spouse.  Don't drone on endlessly about workouts, power FTP, heart rate zones, butt cream, etc.  Make sure your spouse knows that you've got a 5 hr ride planned for Sunday morning.  Get your ass out of bed at 4:30am and be home in time for 2nd breakfast.
  • If you've got to eat something special...make it yourself.
  • Do your absolute best to stay awake...for as long as you can.  9:30 seems to be my cutoff.
  • Find some special things to do for your random times.  Flowers, text messages, corny notes, pictures, find something...and do it.
So that's how I've tried to keep the insanity at bay.  How about you?

Don't let Ironman Eat Your Marriage!

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