Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's Only Triathlon...

Wrapped up a good week of training with a solid weekend of training:

Friday am: 8.6 mile run
Saturday: 2hr bike (main set: 3x8 @ 100-110%FTP, 2x12 @ 85%FTP)
Sunday: 2hr bike (main set: 90 mins at 80-85% FTP) (ABP = always be pushing)

February Goals:
1. Stay heathy
2. No missed workouts
3. Continue to eat well
4. Finish Reading Racing & Training with Power
5. Keep a healthy perspective

It's easy to get wrapped up in this race.  It's way too easy to let it consume you and let yourself believe that you are doing something so important that people should stop you on the street and and tell you "Holy train for 20 hours a week in spandex and eat blue-green algae?  You must be the greatest human south of Manitoba."  But's just triathlon.

2,000 people are going to crawl into Mirror Lake.  Millions have done this before.  It's just a really expensive hobby.  We are not Seal Team Six, we are not curing cancer, nor are we changing lives on a daily basis.  I save that for my daily job.  At least I like to think I do.

With all that said...I absolutely love the adventure that triathlon is.  My journey to Lake Placid might not change the world.  No doubt, it will change my wife's world (as she adjusts to all the demands this adventure has placed on our lives).  It might change my daughters world, just a little bit.  The journey might inspire a few friends (new and old) along the way.  It might inspire a few of my students or some of my runners.  But most of all...the journey will change my world.  And in the end...that is enough for me.

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