Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mass starts? I'm not even Catholic...

Sunday: Rest Day

Four weeks done of IMLP training.  28 days...not a missed workout yet.  My swimming felt exceptionally strong this past week.  In fact, I knocked out back to back 2300 yd workouts at speeds I've never hit before.  Now...speed is relative.  But it was a win in my book.  Saturday was a solid 3 hr ride...with 1:50 in zone 3, followed by a short run.  Spent the day relaxing with the family, cooking quinoa, playing my guitar, being lazy and getting ready for the next three weeks.  27 days until my next rest day.

The buzz around Ironman is that the iconic "mass" swim start is on the way out.
Ironman, no doubt is moving in this direction in the interest of safety.  Last year, with a death in the NYC Ironman swim, and numerous deaths in other triathlon swims, a growing concern has arisen regarding the safety of such starts.  Race directions have scrambled to, if nothing else, appear to be proactive.  Will a time trial start be safer?   Perhaps.  Will a time trial start help save that guy who has a pre-existing heart condition?  Not likely.  For the record...I'd rather have a mass start.  It's part of the IM experience.  It's part of the ambience that is Ironman.  It's part of the nerves before the cannon goes off.  It's part of what makes you feel like a warrior...heading into battle.
As with many things in life...I don't think there is an easy answer.  Either way, I'm showing up to Lake Placid with one goal, and one goal only.  The race is within.  If I start 5 mins behind another be it.  Why would I judge the success of my day based on the performance of someone else?  In the end, effort is between you and you alone.  Mass start?  Time trial?  Bring it the end, I'm 140.6 miles from the end...and I've got a long day ahead of me.  
Who knows...I'll probably enjoy the day a little more without a broken nose.

My favorite triathlon, swim start training video:

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