Saturday, March 30, 2013

Going was a Good Friday.

Saturday:  3hr ride (at 80%FTP)...56 miles  (windy, overcast, and PERFECT)
Big Bike Week: 370 miles since last Saturday.

I read a great article on NPR this week (NPR Article) about "The Philosopher"...a 9 year old Socrates who was tackling dark matter, the possibilities of a multi-universe, and the greatest question of all: What is the meaning of life?  The young man's answers were brilliant, reflective, and wise beyond his years.  See for yourself:
So the question begged to be this 9 year old a genius?  Perhaps.  There is no doubt that he had discussed these topics before...but you could also tell that he spoke of ideas he truly believed in.  Not just what he had heard.  The thing that struck me most, was his free admission that he REALLY DIDN'T know...that he might be wrong.  When is the last time you heard a 9 year old say that?
So yesterday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch with my 8 year old daughter.  I asked if she realized how perfect Earth was to allow for life to arise.  Which led to our discussion about the possibility of life elsewhere...and ultimately to the question I wanted to get at:  What did she think the meaning of everything was?

My giddy, never-stop-talking 8 year old did something she never does.  She stopped talking.


She thought about the question.  And then said...

"To go places?"  (ahh...we're getting somewhere)
"To try new things?" (a small smile from Dad)

And why not?  They were as good as any answers I had ever come up with.  We talked for another ten minutes or so...and then played Uno and ate chocolate covered pomegranates.  It was a good Friday. was a great Friday.

The weather broke this week.  And I emerged from my five month hibernation in my garage...stuck on my trainer. Going absolutely no where. But no more. This week...I donned the cold weather bike gear and got crazy on the bike. This week...I was going places.


  1. 370 miles in a week!?!? You rock!

  2. It was spring break! My wife let me bike as much as I could. Really...she rocks! :)