Saturday, April 13, 2013

Epic Training Day #2...(and the things I learned)

Today was my second "Epic Training Day" for IMLP...

Swim: 2500yds (1hr)
Bike: 73 miles (4 hrs 10 mins) (it was f-in WINDY)
Run: 7 miles (1 hour)

On my way to the pool this was snowing.

After the swim, it was 36 degrees with 15+mph winds.  #whatever

My hands went numb.   My power spiked.  My water bottles iced up.  But mile after mile, we made it.  I was lucky to have company for most of the workout, swimming and riding with my good friend, two-time Ironman, Ryan Dannhorn.  Training-wise, it was a great test, a 6 hour day to work on race specific stuff.  Nutrition.  Bike pacing.  Early mile run pacing.  Etc...but I learned so much more from my day.  Here goes:

The Swim:  Sometimes it's important to slow down, and do things the right way
My swim was simple today, warm up, swim a solid 1,000 yd time trial, then easy swimming to get to 1 hr.  Really, it was just setting up the rest of the day.  I really wanted to swim a good 1, I "hammered" it.  Now, the notion of me "hammering" a swim is funny...but I was really trying to push the pace.  I was working hard...and it felt like it.  I had about :20 minutes left to swim easy, so I decided to work on technique and really try to swim "smooth and easy".  Sure enough, I discovered that I was swimming just as fast...if not faster than my 1,000 yd TT.  
Life is a lot like that too.  Sometimes, you just need to take a step back, slow down, and do things the right just might find yourself getting even further than you dreamed.

The Bike: Hard Work ALWAYS Pays Off
The wind was punishing...15-20mph from due west.  "Go west young man".  2 hours...into the wind.  Relentless.  Punishing.  We laughed a lot.  Both of us knew that had we tackled this ride solo...we'd probably have bagged it shortly after we started.  Yet there we were...plugging away.  Two hours and fifteen minutes in...we hit the turn around.  Now I know what Lance feels like when he rides. was better than EPO.  It was a tailwind of epic proportions.  61 mins...26 miles.  Yahtzee.
Life is a lot like that too.  You put in the're going to have a sweet tailwind.

The Run: Finish What You Started
After five hours...the couch was looking fairly inviting.  Who would know?  Watch a Sportscenter...finish my daughters PB&J for them.  Sounded good.  But there I was, lacing up the shoes.  One hour to go.
As with've got to finish what you started.

Tomorrow morning is breakfast with my girls.  I've promised my three year old we would be breakfast buddies and both eat pancakes, sausage and drink chocolate milk.  And then there will be a lot of couch.  And the Masters.  It's going to be a good day.  Just like today.

Happy training...cheers.


  1. This is some awesomeness! Great job on persevering through the cold & wind -- I'm going to check out when I have some "practice" events like this. I think most of my HIM training is just bike-run bricks.

  2. Thanks for reading! plan calls for about 3 or 4 of these swim/bike/run days. This was my second one...great for confidence builders.