Saturday, May 25, 2013

All Business...I Gotta' Race Like Spock

Yesterday's EPIC Day:
3,100 yds swim
107 mile bike
6 mile run

Today:  REST

Yesterday was a big day for me on my journey to July 28th.  It wasn't necessarily about fitness.  It was about figuring out stuff like: How does my nutrition plan hold up?  How does my neck feel after an hour of swimming and 100 miles on the bike?  Can I start my run on a pace SLOW enough to make sure I can start racing at mile 18?

Some of my questions got answered.  Some are still question marks.  But overall, confidence is HIGH. I hit my marks and was spot on my paces.  I really just needed to add another 20 miles to the run and I'm an Ironman.  Sounds easy, right?  Ha ha.

My wife and I got to go see the new Star Trek movie tonight with our good friends.  Besides just being a hell of a good movie...I took something away from it (as I so often do) that relates to my current endeavor.

Triathletes can learn a lot from everyone's favorite Vulcan: Spock

Spock is logical.  Spock keeps his emotions in check.  Actually, Spock checked his emotions at the door.  He doesn't "feel".  Revealing that once he did "feel" while watching his home planet destroyed, and he never wished to feel that sadness again.  So he simply doesn't feel.

"What you do not yet understand is that Vulcans do not lack emotion. This is an all too common misconception. It is merely that our emotions are controlled, kept in check. This adherence to principles of logic offers a serenity that humans rarely experience in full. We have emotions. But we deal firmly with them and do not let them control us." -Spock

Thinking back to late in yesterday's ride...I found myself in a very "Spock-like" place.  All business.  Keep eating.  Keep drinking.  Keep the pace and power steady.  Get the job done.  Get me to the place I need to be.  Get me to mile 18.

You know what happens at mile 18?  I'm gonna' turn into James Mutha-Vulcan Kirk.

Happy training folks...


  1. that definitely deserved the Epic Training Day Label. you are really preparing well for your IM. Hope you are having a blast at disney. we are going in sept. and i would be lying if i said i wasn't jealous of you being there now. don't you still have school to teach?

  2. We were done with school last week. Starting on August 14th does have its benefits! Disney is great...taking four days off of training is great too...needed a short break!