Saturday, June 29, 2013

Swedish Day 124 Mile Ride...4 Weeks To Go

"I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, I sound my barbaric yawpover the roofs of the world."

This past Sunday, we loaded up and headed to Burlington, IL for the 44th annual Swedish Day Ride, put on by the Fox Valley Bicycle and Ski Club.(Swedish Day Home Page)
The plan was to do the double metric (124 miles), testing out nutrition, aero helmet (yeah...I was THAT guy out there), and other "little" things.  The course took us up to Hampshire for a couple of loops and then down to Kanland (and beyond) for a couple of loops.  The rest stops were well stocked-I would have LOVED to eat the cookies, sandwiches, etc...but I was sticking to my nutrition plan.  We used the rest stops for the bathroom and water to refill our bottles if Ironman Perform.  STICK TO THE PLAN!  The course itself was flat and on good roads...all in all it was a great ride.  Ryan Dannhorn and myself finished the 124miles in a little less then 6 1/2 hours...averaging 19.5 mph riding time (not including 5 relatively quick rest stops for bathroom).  That's a win in my book...
And so, we've hit the point in IM training that you always hear about.  In short...I'm ready to be done.  I love training.  I love the challenge.  But I'm beat.  I'm ready to have my life back.  

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