Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Thin Line

Wednesday: 2500 yd swim, 10 mile run

It's about that time.  Just over 50 days until the Oval.  While some will say that the next three or four weeks will make our break your Ironman...I disagree.  Rather, I think the next three of four weeks will either:
a) take your race to another level
b) get you hurt

It's time to walk that thin line between "pushing yourself to the limit" and "pushing yourself past the limit."  I read recently that nearly 50% of Ironman participants show up race day with some sort of injury.  Granted, the number might have been a rough estimate...and "injuries" were not really defined. But I made a vow not to be one of those.  As the old adage goes: I'd rather be 80% undertrained, than 1% overtrained.

With all that said, this week is all about in LOTS of it.  It's called the "Big Tri Week"...and is the sequel to the "Big Bike Week" I pulled of in March.  Basically, put in as much volume as the body can handle (with a large focus on the bike still).  So far so good.  Next week will be a huge recovery week, and then I'm back on schedule for the last five weeks of training.  Happy training...

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