Thursday, July 18, 2013


"When everything around you goes to will you respond?  You can't control others, you can't control the referees, you can't control the crowd.  All you can YOU.  And when the game gets out of will be faced with a choice:  Will I be confident?  Or not? a choice.  What will you decide?" -Bob Liggett

I was lucky enough to coach basketball under Bob for one year...but I learned a lot about coaching in that year.  I learned even more about people.  (I learned a lot about basketball fact, I learned so much that I realized I really didn't know anything)  And while my days of coaching basketball where numbered (thankfully)...I've carried out many of Bob's lessons into my cross country coaching career with great success.  And now tonight, nine days out from Ironman eve...I'm reminded of the quote above...and will force myself to be confident heading into Mirror Lake next Sunday morning.

My three (almost four year old) daughter Elinor stands toe to toe with big sister Shannon most days.  Even in their fiercest of fights...she never backs down...and often wins.  Why?  Attitude.  Confidence

We all face our "big sister" in different ways every day.  How we choose to deal with them determines the quality of our lives.  The attitudes we adopt are always superior to facts and situations.  Like little Elinor, we can decide to be bigger than our circumstances and stronger than our fears.

Ironman Lake Placid will be an all day event in problem solving.  I know how I want the race to go in my head.  But I teach AP Statistics...and I know that the likely hood of that that day happening is very low.  There will be problems to solve and constant questions to answer.  Elbows to the temple on the swim.  What gear to ride this hill?  Dropped nutrition on the bike.  A flat.  What pace for this hill?  Etc, etc...but the way I see it, every problem has two handles: a handle of fear and a handle of confidence.  I know which one I'm grabbing for.  When my attitude is right, when my confidence is high, there is no challenge too great for me.

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