Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So Much To Say

It's been a busy few weeks...sitting down to write one of my last few posts, I feel as though I have SO MUCH TO SAY.

Indeed...it's been a long journey, as Dave says, I've been "Treading trodden trails for a long long time, time, time, time, time, time, time"

Training-wise, I finished a killer 11 day training block last Tuesday to finish my peak training "week" .  The 11 days included:
Swim: 12800 yds
Bike: 340 miles
Run: 61 miles
If I'm not ready for this race...I don't know what else I could have done.  Training is a perfect mix of hard work, tunnel vision, a supportive family, and a little bit (ok...alot) of luck.  And luckily for me, all of the above fell into place.
Immediately following the 11 day training block, I got to spend four days in Southern California with my amazing wife!  Not only was it a great vacation, it really offered a perfect 4 days of recovery.  While I did manage some training...gone  was the temptation to hope on the bike for an easy 50 on the bike or a quick 8 mile trail run.  Instead...I had the ocean.  Lobster.  And wine.  

"I find sometimes it's easy to be myself 
Sometimes I find it's better to be somebody else" -DMB 

When I was in Lake Placid last year, I always imagined myself returning as some stud, bulging quads, tan Ironman-looking dude.  I had a vision that I would be somehow different upon return.  Well, I'm leaner.  Stronger.  Tanner than I've ever been.  No bulging quads.  And very much the same Mike as always.  It was fun to put the Ironman "dude" hat on while training.  To go to the dark places that one must go...countless winter mornings in the garage on my trainer, subzero winter morning long runs, crazy insane bike intervals, too many Monday mornings jumping in a cold ass pool, century rides, double metric century rides, etc, etc, etc.  But I am happy to leave that hat where it belongs.  I'm Mike.  I'm dad.  And I can't wait to finish this epic journey off with my family and friends next week in Lake Placid.

Hopefully, this week of taper will allow my to jot down a few more of my thoughts on the blog. If you've followed along any of my journey, I thank you.  Although the blog was more for me in a reflective way...I think it's cool that I've gotten to share it with some other like minded individuals.  Additionally, as I hit the taper in full force I'm excited to catch up on the Tour de France, read A LOT of Harry Potter with my daughter, snuggle with my "buddy" (as my 4 year old like to call me), and enjoy a few more evening sipping wine on the porch with my favorite person in the world-watching the Illinois sun slid into the corn fields.  

And I'll probably worry about the Lake Placid weather once or twice...
Lake Placid Weather

"Keep it locked up inside don't talk about it 
T-t-talk about the weather "-DMB

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  1. Awesome reflective post. Love me some Dave. Enjoy the Taper.. excited for your big day.. (that's creepy since we have never met, huh?)... uh, go with it.