Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Actual Journey to Lake Placid

So at some point, my "journey" to Lake Placid was actually going to become a literal journey to Lake Placid.  Enter race week.  900 miles from Byron,IL to LP.  Gave a guy plenty of time to think about where he's been, what he's done...and what he's about to do. 
Where have I been? On my bike...since Jan. 1st, I've almost rode to Lake Placid and back...twice. 
For the record, my 2013 totals:
Swim: 55 hrs, 153,000 yds
Bike: 186 hrs, 3505 miles
Run: 90 hrs, 650 miles
Strength: 33hrs
It all ends tomorrow.

The trip out was great...we stopped in Milan, OH to see Thomas Edison's house...
Next up was Niagra Falls...
A final stop in Syracuse (I didn't see one single orange man...what the hell?). And then the final push through the Adirondacks into Lake Placid.  This place is magical...
The IronKids race...

Herb Brooks Arena...Olympic Center...
I'll give details of pre-race and race report on Monday...until then...


  1. Congratulation on becoming an IronMan! I enjoyed reading your blog as my husband just signed up for IMLP 2014 and we will be making the trek next summer with our 2 girls, 5 and 3. I was wondering if you had any advice on activities to do, accommodations, etc... We have just started looking into it and it is already overwhelming. I appreciate any insight you can share! Congratulations on a strong IronMan and I hope the "stats" worked out in your favor! Will you be racing again next year?
    Thank you,

    1. Thanks for reading! Everything about IM is doubt. My wife was great at planning. We rented a house in warned, the houses over in the Hillcrest area are great and close, but they are VERY hilly back into town. Book early...with two kids, having a house was great...but costly. My wife also booked suites for the trip out. We took three days to get to LP...and booked those well in advance so there was no worrying along the way. For the race itself, we parked our van down in town around 11pm the night before. That gave my wife and girls a home base in town. Very good idea! And the lot was filling up even at 11pm! Great place to see your husband come through on the bike is near the post office. Feel free to ask more questions...or even better, email my wife...she loves to talk about travel plans.

    2. Thank you so much for your help. I will definitely be using your car drop off idea. I also emailed your wife with some additional questions. I hope you are enjoying whats left of your summer and that your legs have recovered from such a grueling event. Thank you again!