Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Running Gods (Salomon) Smiled On Me

For as long as I've been running on dirt, I've had a bit of a crush on Salomon.  Ok, let's be was a full blown love affair.  I bought my first pair of Salomons in 1999, and thus began a beautiful relationship of ugly toes and Gore-Tex.  Every year I've returned and bought another pair.  Sure I've dabbled with other shoes along the way, but none have graced my feet as often as Salomons.
Last week, I headed out to buy my first pair of cross country skis...and there was never really a doubt what kind would end up underneath my size 12.  But a funny thing happened along the way.  Actually...a beautiful thing happened.  My good friend Adam and I were talking in the store about our deep devotion to Salomon...when we were approached by one, Brent Knight, Midwest Salomon Tech Rep.  What ensued was a love fest for the shoes and brand that all three of us love.  The result of our conversation was a chance for us to become Salomon "ambassadors".  Sharing our love of Salomon to the that's what we plan to do.  I hope we get diplomatic immunity.  Viva la'Salomon!

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