Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Nightmare Before Christmas

New Gear:  First workout in my new Salomon Momentum Soft-shell pants...I seriously don't know what I've been wearing up until now.  Check them out: Awesome Pants

I've been toying with the idea of taking on a 36 hour endurance event called the Ultimate Suck.  One of my best friends tackled this event last year (and once prior) and damn near won it.  36 hours of perseverance mixed with "farm chores"...a perfect storm of endurance and strength.  My winter goal was to see what kind of functional strength I could put on this 165lb frame.  Ok, that was my second goal.  My first was to get back to a 165 lb frame.

So I've been mixing in a lot of lifting (5x5 Strong Lifts plan...really focusing on increasing deadlifts and squats right now) with my ultra running/training and biking...and really ramping up my "rucks".  I am not worrying about my swimming right now.  Well, I'm worrying...but I'm still not swimming.  Every other weekend I throw down a "gauntlet-esque" workout.  I called my Dec. 24th workout THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE went like this:

3 mile 40lb ruck
2 mile run
4 x hill repeats
recovery jog
2 x 800m repeats
1 mile jog

100 squats
100 deadlifts
100 push ups
50 pull up

It was cold.  It was snowy.  It was dark.  I had my dog.  We decided to make a is the Nightmare in 1 min and 38 seconds.
As always...thanks to my peeps at Nuun for the bubbles in my water.  
You make water worth drinking...