Monday, March 13, 2017

Ultimate Suck Training

Last weekend's workout:  The 1/2 Mile Grinder

I found a nice 1/2 mile stretch with rolling hills and set up camp for this 8 mile grind...

1 mile run (easy)
1 mile Ruck (with 50 pounds)
1 mile run (hard)
1 mile tire pull
1 mile run (hard)
1 mile Ruck (with 50 punds) and tire pull
1 mile run (hard)
1 mile Ruck (with 50 pounds and 12 lb sledge hammer) and tire pull...with hammer swings every :30 secs

That was the grinder...

This past weekends workout:  Buckets of Tears 1/2 Marathon

4 mile trail run (w/hills)
1/2 mile bucket carry (50 lbs in each bucket)
3 mile trail run
1/2 mile bucket carry
1/2 mile tire drag
3 mile trail run
1/2 mile tire drag
1/2 mile ruck (w/ 50 lbs)
3 mile trail run in boots
1/2 mile ruck (w/50 lbs)

My tears competitors tears on race day.  OK...that's a lie.  I didn't cry.

Momentum Softshell Pants Review (Salomon)

Awesome Pants

Go ahead and click the link to awesome above...

Momentum Soft-shell Pants by Salomon are, without a doubt the greatest pants I have ever owned. I bought them for winter cross country skiing.  But I wear them for everything legal in the lower 48 states.  Most of the time with my dog.  He doesn't wear any pants.

These pants move with you...and are warm where you need it.  Like the front.  Not only do these pants keep you warm...they feel like 2,000 angels rubbing your legs as you work out.  If that isn't enough...they have zippers up the entire right and left side...but be warned, if you wear them fully unzipped, you will be cold.  This isn't Salomon's fault.

I don't endorse many pants...but these I do.  You won't regret it.