Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Short & Sweet Summer Grinder

June 10th

I had a guy coming to the house at 7:00am this morning, so I cooked up a short grinder for the morning...after he left I added on a 30 mile ride.

Hill Repeat/Push-Up Pyramid  (run 40m hill, do 1 push up, repeat with 2 push ups...continue up to 10 and then back down...110 push ups and 21 hill repeats)
Box Jumps (on Pride Rock)
Sand Bag Push Ups/Hill Carries (alternate 10x)
Sledge Hammer Slams/Declined Push Ups
(home-fuel up)
30 mile bike ride

That was it...not the hardest grinder I've ever done, but it hit the spot this morning.  Just for kicks and giggles, we made another video...The Short and Sweet Summer Grinder

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